I had a love for modeling and sculpture since my childhood. I used tto sculpt from plasticine, clay, carved from wood. I was always charmed how the form and movement were groped for and manifested intuitively. The process itself was more meditative than conscious for me.

At some point, a lot of used adhesive tape from the work of my wife, artist Elena Ivashkina, accumulated in my workshop. Quite intuitively, I picked up a piece of wire, made a frame out of it, and using the adhesive ability of the remaining adhesive tape, I built up a mass for the future horse. Thus, the technology was born. Later, I began to cover the resulting figures with a composition of pva glue and white paint. Then came the technology of adding rag napkins to create a complex texture of the coating. ​

I like the rethinking of the archaic, crude forms of the sculptures of ancient cultures with the combination of the dynamics and movement of the modern world. And of course, the very fact of recycling secondary materials and creating objects of art from garbage. But most importantly, I just really love the process of creating a new object , when a sculpture with its own energy and history appears from some pile of used materials.