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Introducing the BRAVE SMALL DONKEY, a paper sculpture, a stunning piece of art perfect for any modern interior. Expertly crafted by artist and architect Arkadiy Ivashkin, this sculpture is a brilliant addition for both modern and classical interior.


This sculpture is created with amazing proportions and a sense of movement, conveying an ironic and good-natured attitude towards these animals. The donkey is present in many traditional legends and stories of the people of the Middle East. And according to legend, it is on a donkey that the Savior must enter Jerusalem during the Second Coming.


Made using a unique technology that combines plastic and paper, this sculpture is an eco-friendly masterpiece that follows the world trend of recycling materials.


Bring home the BRAVE SMALL DONKEY today and add a touch of elegance, kindness and charm to your living space.


  • 63х57х23

  • Mixed media: paper, scotch tape, plastic, metal wire

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