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Introducing the HEROIC HORSE, a paper sculpture, a stunning piece of art perfect for any modern interior. Expertly crafted by artist and architect Arkadiy Ivashkin, this sculpture took part in Arkadiy's personal exhibition "Idea of a horse" in March-June 2023 in Porto. The image of this sculpture was on the oficial poster of the exhibition.

In October - December 2023 this sculpture took part in group exhibition of the Main Porto artistic group "Association of artists Cooperativa de Arvora"


This sculpture is following the tradition of animal images from Slavic myths and legends. Reminding the horse of king Oleg and heroic horses of Bogatyrs (hero warriors of Ancient Kiev Rus' and Ancient Russian Kingdoms) this sculpture is bringing the energy of calm strength and ancient wisdom.


Made using a unique technology that combines plastic and paper, this sculpture is an eco-friendly masterpiece that follows the world trend of recycling materials.


Whether displayed in a home or office, it serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of the region, and the enduring legacy of these magnificent animals. Add a touch of heroic energy to your space with this breathtaking sculpture.


  • 50х60х20

  • Mixed media: paper, scotch tape, wood, plastic, metal wire

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