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Introducing the HORSE FROM FONTANKA BRIDGE, a paper sculpture, a stunning piece of art perfect for any modern interior. Expertly crafted by artist and architect Arkadiy Ivashkin, this sculpture took part in Arkadiy's personal exhibition "Idea of a horse" in March-June 2023 in Porto.


This is a stunning sculpture that pays homage to the famous horse sculptures from the renowned bridge in St. Petersburg. With its familiar movement and proportions, this sculpture reminds us of the astonishing outdoor sculpture group on the Anichkov Bridge. This sculptures have been an inspiration to many artists, writers, and architects in St. Petersburg since the 18th century.


Made using a unique technology that combines plastic and paper, this sculpture is an eco-friendly masterpiece that follows the world trend of recycling materials.


Bring a piece of history and beauty to your interior with this exquisite horse sculpture.


  • 39х42х14

  • Mixed media: paper, scotch tape, wood, plastic, metal wire

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